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FAQs - Antidote

How should I eat The Antidote? Try adding the recommended amount to smoothies, yogurt, tea, or toast. (Though many prefer to eat it straight!)

Is The Antidote for men or women? Both! The Antidote is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac for men and women. 

Is The Antidote condom-safe? Absolutely! While The Antidote may promote fertility, it’s safe for use with any type of birth control, including condoms. It’s also safe for oral intercourse.

Can I use The Antidote while pregnant? No, we do not recommend consuming Oshun’s Syrup while pregnant.

Can I use The Antidote in combination with other products? Definitely! You can use The Antidote at the same time as The Oasis and/or The Nile for maximum wetness and pleasure. View packages here.