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Artículo: Leave a Review, Get A $10 Gift Card

Leave a Review, Get A $10 Gift Card

Leave a Review, Get A $10 Gift Card

Hey everybody, it's the CEO of Aphrodisiac Inc. and I wanted to kickstart off September with a big thank you to everyone! 

When we first started the #1 reason customers said they purchased from us was because of our reviews, and I have to say our reviews were out there!

It was nothing like what I've ever seen before and I'm pretty sure that's what made everyone intrigued. 

Now that we have ample reviews and a returning customer base, I wanted to reward those that have left any this past year and those who also wish to do so. 

How To Get It:

Leave a review, yup it's that easy!

Simply go to the item(s) you bought in the past and leave an honest review and we'll send you a gift card.

If you left a review in 2022 send us an email to get yours! Gift cards will be sent via email.

This offer will end September 30th so make sure you take advantage while you can!

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Literally the best! I would give it 10 stars if possible!


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