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Decisions, decisions

Yes! Oshun's Syrup & The Antidote are both powerful aphrodisiacs for men. In addition to boosting libido, it also may assist with erectile dysfunction.

Of course! ALL of our products are designed by women, for women.

It really depends on your individual needs! If you’re looking to improve your vaginal health and minimize discomfort during sex, try using The Nile. If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom (especially for oral sex), try The Oasis. If you’re interested in ramping up your sex drive (and you’d rather not insert anything into your vagina), try Oshun’s Syrup.

We would suggest trying Oshun's Syrup to boost your libido and performance. If you’re interested in something even stronger, try The Antidote.

Yes! The Nile intimacy oil is an excellent lubricant, mimicking the body’s secretions and activating the vaginal walls. 

Absolutely! Try The Nile intimacy oil – it’s a bit like a collagen boost for your vagina. It activates the vaginal walls, mimics your body’s natural secretions, and leaves you tight and lubricated.

Say no more – The Oasis is perfect for women looking to spice up their sex life and drive their partner wild. Thank us later!

Try Oshun’s Syrup! It’s an all-natural way to increase arousal and boost your libido.

First of all, go you & good luck!!! Try Oshun’s Syrup – its unique blend of herbs have been shown to increase fertility for some people.

Have him try Oshun’s Syrup! It’s a natural libido booster that can assist with erectile dysfunction. If that isn’t strong enough, The Antidote should do the trick.

The Antidote is 10x stronger than Oshun’s Syrup, offering all the same beneficial properties in a much more powerful dose. It’s ideal for both men and women who have noticed their libido decrease as they get older or as a side-effect of certain medications.

Placing an Order

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Probably! Here are a few ways to save:

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How Does This Work?!

Oshun’s Syrup/The Antidote: Consume 2-3 spoonfuls 30 minutes before sexy time. (Whether with a partner or on your own!)
The Oasis: Insert 1-2 pills into your vagina (most effective) or swallow 1-2 pills 30 minutes before oral sex.
The Nile: Using the applicator, insert 2-3 drops into your vagina 30 minutes before intercourse. Be sure to clean the dropper each time you insert it.
Visit our How To Guide for more information.


You sure can – they’re a match made in paradise! We recommend using The Oasis first for oral sex and then The Nile for regular intercourse, Simply insert or swallow 1-2 pills of The Oasis and then 2-3 drops of The Nile and you’re all set. Visit our How To Guide for more information.

All of our products are condom-safe. In fact, The Nile makes an excellent lubricant!

Absolutely! Continue with your normal routine.

The Nile and The Oasis are both safe to use while pregnant. We don’t recommend using Oshun’s Syrup or The Antidote while pregnant.

All of our products are CBD-free, all-natural and plant-based.
The Nile: 100% Organic Ayu Oil
The Oasis: 100% Kuki Dadi Roots aka Ashwagandha (dried & powdered)
Oshun’s Syrup: Organic Snot Apple, Natural Herbs, African Honey
The Antidote: Fortified Organic Snot Apple, Natural Herbs, African Honey

No way! Each of our products are great for masturbation as well as partnered sex. Plus, products like The Nile and Oshun’s Syrup offer added health benefits that go way beyond the bedroom, such as regulating menstrual cycles

Keep your products refrigerated at a temperature between 35° and 38°F or in a cool, dark place.