Hump Day Series | Sex should be fun, not a chore.

Hump Day Series | Sex should be fun, not a chore.

Welcome back to another series! 

Save and share this blog post! We're helping you STOP making the BIGGEST mistake in your relationships which is...

Dreading intimacy! 

It's important to know their needs and yours so feelings like DREAD or RESENTMENT don't fester. 

Let's dive into this with an important question: 

Do you feel hesitation, maybe even annoyance at the thought of having sex with your partner?

You're not alone. We have 3 easy solutions for you. 

Here's how you can ignite your passion & pleasure 👇

 If you need a boost of confidence....

The Nile is our best seller for a reason. It's an all organic lubricant made for women by women. Made out of Gorontula this is like magic in a bottle. This helps you get and STAY wet. Tightens your walls = more orgasms. The Nile also balances your pH level to YOUR needs. Grab The Nile today! 

However, if you're looking for something else. Keep scrolling!

 Do you want to feel more pleasure during sex?

Oshun's Syrup is for both men and women and is loaded with so many benefits we can't list them all. Made out of all natural ingredients that are known to boost fertility, increase performance, improve your cardiovascular and more! Get Oshun's for you & bae! 

 Or maybe you need help relaxing? 

The Oasis is just for you if you want to relax, have fun and spice things up! Made out of Ashwagandha root these small tablets have over 5 CENTURIES worth of testimonies of their wonderful uses (particularly for sex). What are you waiting for? Grab The Oasis today!  

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