Which arousal style are you?

Hump Day Series | Which Arousal Style Are You?

This blog was a lot of fun to create and we know you can't wait to dive in! 

This Hump Day Series we're helping you understand your arousal style that can help SAVE your relationship! 

Scroll to read the 5 Arousal Styles and which you relate to and what your partners might be.
Do you know one of the BIGGEST reasons relationships FAIL is because couples don't KNOW each other's arousal style?

Don't be apart of that category. Swipe to avoid this.

Here are the 5 Arousal Types 👉

1. Physical

Has the way someone touched you ever made you weak in the knees?

If so, your arousal style is physical, and being touched or close to your partner is the way to your heart (or between your legs). A gentle or firm caress can really get you going.

Ways to show this is your arousal style:


"I love the way you grab my (insert body part)"
or by showing..
Next time guide your partners' hands to where you'd like them to touch/grab/spank/lick..

2. Visual

Magic Mike anybody?

If your arousal style is visual, then you should know that it doesn't just have to be right in your face to get you turned on - your imagination is key to sexy time.

Ways to show this is your arousal style:


"I love seeing you in that red dress you have, you look so sexy in it."
"I love picturing us doing ..."

Letting your partner know how you like to be stimulated is integral because it's more than physical stimulation - it's mental for you.


3. Audial

Do you have a playlist just for sexy time? Can someone's voice in your ear alone turn you on?

Congrats, your arousal style is audial; sound really turns you on! It can be the tone of voice from your partner, a certain phrase, or even a word that makes you want to rip your clothes off!

Ways to show this is your arousal style:

"I love the way you say (insert) to me, it turns me on."
"This song puts me in the mood."

4. Cognitive

Fantasizing, daydreaming - whatever you may call it. This is your biggest turn-on.

For you, it might help to include your partner in these fantasies so it's not that you need more than them to be aroused.

In fact, most of the time it's the daydreams you would have about them that you should include them in. Don't be shy!

Ways to show this is your arousal style:

"I had a daydream that you were (fill in the details)"


"I see you so sexy in this (insert foreplay/scenario)."

5. Relational

Do you feel a strong attraction to someone because you have a certain connection with them?

This can be because they're your wife, husband, lover, or life partner. This is a feeling so deep that the very thought makes you aroused.

Ways to show this is your arousal style:

"I can't wait to put a son in you." 


"I love (insert what you love about them)."

Having a deep heart-to-heart about how you feel about each other.

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