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Article: Seduction Type Pt.2 | Hump Day Series

Seduction Type Pt.2 | Hump Day Series

Seduction Type Pt.2 | Hump Day Series

What you've been waiting for it finally here babe! Part 2 of our Seduction Types Quiz is back! If you didn't feel like you really fit with one of the types in our previous blog post, you'll find your style in this one! 

Let's go! 


Q. What's your preferred date night?

  1. "A sophisticated night at the opera ( 1 point)"
  2. "A playful picnic in the park ( 2 points)"
  3. "A candlelit dinner at a trendy restaurant ( 3 points)"
  4. "A glamorous night out on the town (4 points)"


Q. How do you go at capturing someone's attention?

  1. "Impeccable style and a witty sense of humor (1 point)"
  2. "Flirting with a mix of innocence and mischief ( 2 points)"
  3. "Charming with smooth and effortless conversation (3 points)"
  4. "Radiating confidence and magnetism (4 points)"


Q. Which scenario best suits your seductive style?

  1. "An upscale cocktail lounge with a touch of old-world charm( 1 point)"
  2. "A cozy and intimate café with an artistic vibe  ( 2 points)"
  3. "A classy rooftop bar with panoramic city views (3 points)"
  4. "The hottest nightclub in the city with a bustling dance floor (4 points)"


Q. What's your go-to move to seduce someone?

  1. "With refined gestures and subtle yet captivating moves ( 1 point)"
  2. "Through playful teasing and flirtatious body language ( 2 points)"
  3. "With heartfelt compliments and genuine interest ( 3 points)"
  4. "Through magnetic presence and confident displays of affection ( 4 points)"



The Dandy (4-6 points)

Impeccable style, witty humor, and old-world charm make you an alluring and sophisticated seducer.

The Coquette (7-9 points)

Innocence mixed with mischief, playful teasing, and a captivating aura of allure make you irresistible.

The Charmer (10-12 points)

Smooth conversation, genuine interest, and effortless charm make you a magnetic and captivating seducer.

The Star (13-16 points)

Radiating confidence, magnetic presence, and a show-stopping appeal make you an unforgettable and seductive force.

Whether you're a sophisticated Dandy, a playful Coquette, a charming Charmer, or a radiant Star, your irresistible allure is ready to shine. Share your result and tag a friend to discover their seduction type too! 😉💕Felt like you didn't really fit with one? Don't worry! We have a first part with the rest of the seduction types on our LAST POST! Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and let us know which seduction type YOU are! 

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