Revive your relationship: The Ultimate Guide to Reigniting the Spark

Hump Day Series | Revive Your Relationship: The Ultimate Guide to Reigniting the Spark

Did you miss us? We're back and with so much more to come! You guys have been loving our posts on our Instagram, and we love the family we have here on our blog. 

Let's not wait any longer and get into this taboo topic: DEAD BEDROOMS 

What is a dead bedroom? Well the name is self-explanatory, but for those who don't know, a dead bedroom is a relationship where a couples sex life has died - doesn't exist, went ghost - you get the idea. It's so common that there's a subreddit with 408K users

Lucky for you we have 4 EASY STEPS you can take to Revive Your Relationship. 

Step 1 - Reflect and Communicate

Open Up: Start with Honest Reflection

Take a step back and reflect on the issues that led to the relationship's decline. Communicate openly with your partner about your feelings, concerns, and desires. Honesty and vulnerability are key to rebuilding trust and understanding.


Step 2 - Rediscover Each Other

Reconnect: Rediscover the Magic 

Make an effort to reignite the connection by spending quality time together. Plan date nights, engage in shared activities, and explore new interests. Remember what initially drew you to each other and create new memories to strengthen your bond.

Step 3 - Rekindle Intimacy 

Ignite the Flame: Rekindle Intimacy

Physical intimacy plays a crucial role in a relationship. Prioritize intimacy by expressing affection, being attentive to each other's needs, and exploring new ways to connect romantically. Openly discuss your desires and work together to reignite the passion!

Step 4 - Introduce Aphrodisiacs 


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