What's Your Seduction Type? | Hump Day Series

What's Your Seduction Type? | Hump Day Series

Ooooh yeah! We're talking about Seduction Types! If you read Robert Greene or if you're into uping your seduction game this post is for you! 

Let's get into it! 


Q. What's your preferred date night?

  1. "Elegant fine dining and captivating conversation ( 1 point)"
  2. "Sultry dancing and intense chemistry ( 2 points)"
  3. "Charming wit and playful banter ( 3 points)"
  4. "Relaxed and intimate atmosphere, letting things unfold naturally (4 points)"


Q. How do you go at capturing someone's attention?

  1. "Mysterious allure and seductive body language (1 point)"
  2. "Confident and irresistible charisma ( 2 points)"
  3. "Attentive listener, making others feel truly understood (3 points)"
  4. "Effortless charm and authentic presence (4 points)"


Q. Which scenario best suits your seductive style?

  1. "A candlelit bedroom with roses and champagne ( 1 point)"
  2. "Luxurious indulgence (luxury goods, dining, etc.,) ( 2 points)"
  3. "A cozy, intimate ambiance with attention to sensual details (3 points)"
  4. "A natural environment, connecting through shared experiences (4 points)"

Q. What's your go-to move to seduce someone?

  1. "Flirtatious glances and subtle physical touch ( 1 point)"
  2. "Captivating words and alluring compliments ( 2 points)"
  3. "Thoughtful gestures and sincere acts of love ( 3 points)"
  4. "Unpretentious authenticity and genuine affection ( 4 points)"



The Siren (4-6 points)

Seductive and enchanting, you create an irresistible aura of mystery and allure.

The Rake (7-9 points)

Charming and charismatic, you excel in capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

The Ideal Lover (10-12 points)

Thoughtful and sensual, you create intimate connections through attention to detail and genuine affection.

The Natural (13-16 points)

Authentic and unpretentious, your effortless charm and presence make you naturally irresistible.

Felt like you didn't really fit with one? Don't worry! We have a second part with the rest of the seduction types coming up! Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and let us know which seduction type YOU are! 

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