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Love Trifecta

Love Trifecta

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Get this lover triage and take over your senses with our Love Trifecta

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Cleopatra's Touch: Naturally boost an intense love & bond between you and your partner and others. This premium love oil makes your partner smitten with you, makes you generally likable and attractive in public.


The Nile (MINI): Whether sex has been less-than-comfortable lately or you’re simply looking for a natural lubricant, a few drops of The Nile will have you good to go for the entire night.


The Oasis: A sweetener and libido booster that’ll make you taste like heaven. You’ll love your partner’s reaction… and we’re not just talking about the look on their face.

How to Use

Cleopatra's Touch: Place the oil on the regions your partner will touch or come across.

Use like a perfume oil: Ideally, the inner wrists, behind the ears, your chest, inner thighs and even your face.

If you have a person in mind say their name and/or visualize your expectations. When in their presence, maintain eye contact from time to time. 

The Nile: Using the applicator, insert 3-4 drops into your vagina 30 minutes before sexy time. (Whether with a partner or on your own!) Be sure to clean the dropper each time you insert it.

The Oasis: Insert 1-2 pills into your vagina (most effective) or swallow 1-2 pills 30 minutes before oral sex.


Cleopatra's Touch: Vitamin E Oil (for hydration) , rose petals, rose oil, lavender, pure herbs ( white willow bark, periwinkle, honeysuckle, coriander, and others*). 

The Oasis:
 100% Kuki Dadi Roots (dried & powdered)

The Nile:100% Organic Gorontula

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