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Paradise Package

Paradise Package

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“They are AMAZING! I thought I was having good sex before, but this just took it up a few levels.”

Ready to enjoy and enhance your sex life? (Your answer should be YES!) The Paradise Package includes both The Nile and The Oasis.


This product is not FDA approved, for more information please see our Disclaimer.


        The Oasis is a sweetener and libido booster that’ll make you taste like heaven. You’ll love your partner’s reaction… and we’re not just talking about the look on their face. These discreet little pills are all-natural, made of 100% dried kuki dadi roots. Simply swallow one or or insert it into your vagina 30 minutes before oral intercourse to drive your partner wild.

        The Nile is our bestselling intimacy oil, for better sex and improved vaginal health.

        This transparent, odorless oil mimics natural secretions and activates the vaginal walls, making it excellent for anyone who suffers from vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness.

        The result? More wetness, more tightness, and more frequent orgasms. (All while maintaining a healthy pH balance & improving your comfort level.)

        Use The Oasis for oral sex and The Nile for intercourse and both you and your partner will be in paradise.

        How to Use

        The Oasis: Insert 1-2 pills into your vagina (most effective) or swallow 1-2 pills 30 minutes before oral sex.

        The Nile: Using the applicator, insert 3-4 drops into your vagina 30 minutes before intercourse. Be sure to clean the dropper each time you insert it.

        When using both products together, we recommend using The Oasis first for oral sex and then The Nile for intercourse.


        The Oasis: 100% Kuki Dadi Roots (dried & powdered)

        The Nile: 100% Organic Gorontula

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