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The Goddess Package

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Embrace your inner goddess and you and your partner will both feel like you’re in heaven. The Goddess Package includes both Oshun’s Syrup and The Oasis. 

First, call upon the river goddess of pleasure, sexuality, and fertility, to increase your arousal in a safe, natural way. Oshun’s Syrup is a sweet edible syrup filled with aphrodisiac herbs that can help naturally ramp up your sex drive… and make you wetter, sweeter, and all-around more irresistible to your partner. 

Here’s what else Oshun’s Syrup can do…

  • Make sex less painful & uncomfortable
  • Help regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Promote fertility
  • Help erectile dysfunction in men
  • Make sexual pleasure more intense
  • Keep you going all night long

Next up, use The Oasis, a sweetener and libido booster that’ll make you taste like heaven. You’ll love your partner’s reaction… and we’re not just talking about the look on their face. These discreet little pills are all-natural, made of 100% dried kuki dadi roots. Simply swallow one or or insert it into your vagina 30 minutes before oral intercourse to drive your partner wild.


This product is not FDA approved, for more information please see our Disclaimer.

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