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Article: Hump Day Series | 5 Signs You're Going to Get Laid

Hump Day Series | 5 Signs You're Going to Get Laid

Hump Day Series | 5 Signs You're Going to Get Laid

We're back again! Thank you to all who shared and left comments here & on our Instagram

For this Hump Day Series we're helping you navigate the dating world. 

Read more to know the 5 SIGNS you're going to get laid! Let's dive in: 

Have you ever felt nervous, or unsure if you're reading the right signals on your date?

You're not alone. Dating nowadays can be so confusing, but at the end of the day we're human and the signs are way easier than you imagine. 

Here's 5 Signs to know you're about to get lucky 👉


1. Eye Contact

We all heard about the triangle method, but a great sign someone likes you is if they hold eye contact while you're engaged with them.

Bonus points: if you catch them stealing a glance when you're not looking

2. Physical Contact

If you felt or received one of these, you're getting the green light:

  • Squeeze on the arm
  • Holding hands
  • Touch on the neck
  • Hand on the waist
  • Touching your lower back


3. Compliments

This one can go both ways.

A compliment that isn't surface level can really touch someone and make you stand out.
Sometimes, "You look f****** hot." does the job as well.

4. Personal space

If you move closer to them and they don't move away. This is a sign they want you close to them.


Personal space is very intimate.


It can be picking invisible lint off their shirt or sharing an intimate drink.


5. Communication 


The easiest way to know is ask, but consider these openers that might lead to more:

  • Have any plans after this?
  • Want to get out of here?
  • Do you want to go back to my place?
  • I feel so good when I'm with you.
  • 2 double espressos please.

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